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The Method


Singing – why do you do it? What sparks that inner fire to share your voice with the world?

Chances are, it's that burning desire to express yourself – to convey love, sorrow, and paint the world with the beauty of your soul.

Not to mention the rush of endorphins as you let your voice soar. Singing isn't just a skill, it's a source of pure pleasure and fulfillment.

But let’s face it. Our vocal cords don't always cooperate, and turning imagination into execution can be a challenge.

So, what's the secret of legendary vocalists? How do they consistently deliver those jaw-dropping performances?

It's time to break some myths. Not all vocal training is created equal. You may have big dreams, but not every teacher has the expertise to guide you toward them.

Instead, you might hear:

 "High notes? Forget it, you've got a low voice."

 "Maybe singing just isn't your thing, not everyone's cut out for it."

 "Fix your breathing, and one day it'll all click for you.”


And let's talk about genres. Classical methods are fantastic, but they're not the only path. Whether you're into rock, pop, jazz, or R&B, your voice deserves its own stage.

Truth is, these statements are often just a cover for incomplete teaching.

That's where we come in. Here's what we want for you:

  •  Freedom: Sing what you love, the way you love, without holding back on dynamics, range, or expression.
  •  Ease: Sing without breaks, without strain. Say goodbye to losing your voice.
  •  Presence: Find your own voice, pure and clear, resonating with your unique tone.
  •  Flexibility: Express yourself in style! Whether it's R&B riffs, gospel slides, or jazzy phrasing, your voice should follow your heart.

After years of hunting for answers to his own singing struggles, Spencer discovered the techniques used by legends like Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Prince, and more.

So here's the plan: 


Lower or upper register? We'll fine-tune both with targeted exercises.



Blend your lower and upper registers for a dynamic mix voice that's uniquely you.


Your voice is like a fine wine. It gets better with time. Smooth out your range, add vibrato, master dynamics, and infuse your singing with your own expressive touch.


Take these newfound skills to your favourite songs. No more limits – just pure, authentic you.


Ready to embark on your vocal journey? Connect with us at Spencer Welch Vocal Studio and let's make your voice heard!