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Everyone is unique. Every singer has unique needs.

So when it comes to vocal training, whether through 1:1 coaching or a self-guided program, the most important thing is to seek out an expert you trust.

Someone who will listen to your singing and give you accurate feedback to act on.

Someone who can break down complex concepts and explain exactly what you need to do to take your singing to the next level.

Check out our products below for the style of vocal training that fits your goals, schedule and budget.

Online Private Lessons

Supercharge your vocal development through personalized one-on-one training with Spencer! In each session, he will assess your strengths vs challenges and guide you toward the voice of your dreams.

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Singing Ignition 

Revolutionize your voice with Spencer's self-guided subscription program. Send us recordings of your singing, and we will give you workout programs that target your specific needs. 

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 It’s like having your own personal voice teacher on your devices,

ready to train you whenever it’s convenient for you!