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Spencer works with vocalists of every level of experience, from hobby singers to recording artists and film actors. Here is what his students say about him and his teaching.





Humberto Casta√Īeda

"Spencer adjusts based on where you're at and what your needs are. We do our exercises, but then we focus on the music that I'm working on, my songs or whatever song I'm trying to work on." 


Renee Maranan

"You're never getting rid of me. You're stuck with me for life."

Renee is what we affectionately call a "lifer", one of our¬†long-term students ‚Äď 18 years and counting! Learn how her¬†studies with Spencer have helped her grow into the artist and voice teacher she is today.


Michael Cavallaro

"Spencer knows everything about singing that a person who would like to learn how to sing needs to know... Everything that he does is personalized for your voice.


Jill Rey

"Spencer has been really helpful, makes me feel at ease, and somehow it became a less stressful process to learn [how to sing higher notes.] He made it really easy and low key and fun. I'm always excited to start the class with him. Sometimes I'm not going to sound like I should be sounding, but it's not a problem because he makes me feel good."


Dan Faber

"I would absolutely recommend working with Spencer... He's a gem. He really understands whatever your needs are, whether they're grand or minute...he's able to isolate those issues and help you correct them."

Dan is a singer, voice teacher, and content creator of all things singing. He is a certified Voice Instructor with the Institute of Vocal Advancement.


Michiko Yokoyama

"I found my voice, and my dream to become a voice teacher...and my dream came true, thanks to Spencer. He gave me confidence, and I'm finally starting to like my voice. People might think in-person is better than online because the teacher right there, but Spencer is amazing! It's really the same. He really knows what to do, what you need, and he really gives me everything I need. I wish I could take his lessons every day."


Brian Anderson

"My life is different now in that I enjoy singing again. I look forward to performing. I don't have to worry whether my voice is going to hold up, whether I'm going to hit the notes I need to hit. I think my voice sounds better. It's a more natural sounding voice with less effort being put in."


Fernando Vicente

"My biggest win since working with Spencer is gaining the self-confidence that I need to be able to perform rather than just simply sing. The work with Spencer has really helped me get to learn that feeling inside my body, and build that muscle memory so I can just go out and perform and execute what I need to."