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Do you wake up croaking out sounds that could scare small children? Do find it difficult to sing at first light ā€“ let alone sing high notes!

The thing is when you sleep, so does your voice. Muscles go slack. Circulation slows, and tissues stiffen.

What if I told you I've designed the perfect morning warm-up to gently wake up your voice and prepare you for a successful day of singing?

I've recorded an optimized sequence of exercises that will energize your vocal muscles, increase circulation, and slowly stretch you over a large range. All without overloading your voice and asking too much of it too soon.

Start every morning with this warm-up to:

Boost Your Confidence:
Ā Start your day feeling vocally invincible.

Enhance Your Range:Ā Reach new heights in your singing growth.

Prevent Strain:Ā Shield your instrument from harm.

Set the Mood:Ā Infuse positivity into your morning routine.

I made this warm-up video with singers like you in mind. Are you ready to put an end to morning voice?

Give Me My Morning Warm-Up